SONOFF High-Current Smart Controller 25A

SONOFF High-Current Smart Controller 25A

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Kit Includes

1 x Hager

1 x SONOFF TH16 (excluding cable and sensors)

1 x Steel Box

1 x Internally Pre-cabled

1 x Instruction manual

SONOFF TH16 Features
Input Voltage 90-250Vac input
Maximum Input Current 16A
Max Output Power 2200W (10A)
Supports fast configure SSID and password connection through APP
Supports automatic connect to the server, register and update status info
Supports tracking device status and timely remote control through APP
Supports setting countdown, single and repeat timing tasks
Supports real-time temperature and humidity displaying
Supports 3 temperature and humidity sensors (AM2301, DS18B20, Si7021)
Supports preset temperature and humidity to turn on/off
Supports group management, scene, smart scene
WIFI Characteristics
802.11 b/g/n, supports WPA / WPA2 safe mode
Built-in Tensilica L106 ultra-low power consumption 32-bit micro-MCU, dominant frequency support 80 MHz and 160 MHz, support RTOS
Built-in TCP/IP protocol stack
Built-in TR switch, balun, LNA, power amplifier and matching network
Built-in PLL, voltage regulator and power supply management components, 802.11b mode +20 dBm output power
A-MPDU&A-MSDU aggregation and 0.4μs guard interval
Support cloud OTA upgrade
Support STA/AP/STA + AP mode
Standby power consumption is less than 1.0 mW (DTIM3)
Operating temperature range -40℃ to 125℃
Requires a qualified electrician to install.
**This Switch is WiFi 2.4G Only**
All Switches Require a Neutral Wire

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