SONOFF iFan03 Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan and Light Controller

SONOFF iFan03 Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan and Light Controller

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SONOFF iFan03 is a Wi-Fi ceiling fan and light controller. It allows you to use your phone to control it from wherever you are. You can schedule for it to automatically turn on and off at nighttime, or anytime throughout the day.

It has voice control which is designed to easily control the iFan03. No need for manual operation.

Supplied with an RM433 remote controller with which you can turn the fan and light on/off as well as adjust the fan speed.

The “Scenes” feature in the app allows you to control one or multiple SONOFF devices, quickly and simultaneously with a single tap.

The SONOFF iFan03 comes with a 433 RF Remote.
Remotely control the ceiling fan and light on your phone
Turn ceiling fan and light on/off using your voice
Support the RM433 RF to control devices (RM433 RF included)
Share the device and manage it with your family together
Display the real-time device status on the app
The fan speed ranges between high, medium and low speed (only for RM433 RF)
Build scenes to control one or more devices connected SONOFF switches via a single tap
Comes with an RM433 RF remote that can be stored on the base for easy use (the base is not included, sold separately), which allows you to turn on/off the fan & light and adjust the fan speed
Please note that iFan03 doesn’t have a DIY mode, so the firmware can’t be user-defined

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