LED Grow Light 65W Linear Box

LED Grow Light 65W Linear Box

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From Seedling to flowering, Cannabis, Hydroponic vegetables, Greenhouse and large factory planting.

Multiple fittings can easily be linked to create the desired light output for small or large scale growing

Voltage 100-240Vac
Output power 65 Watts
Dimmable Yes via 10 Volt Potentiometer
Lumen output 60 Lumens / Watt
Beam Angle 90°
Waterproof Rating IP65
Full Spectrum 620-630nm/650-670nm/730-750nm /390-410nm/430-450nm/460-470nm
Par Value (PPFD)
236 umol @ 0.5m
89 umol @ 1.0m
65 umol @ 1.5m
43 umol @ 2.0m
Lighting Coverage
0.3m @ 1.8m2
0.5m @ 3.7m2
1.0m @ 5.6m2
1.5m @ 7.5m2
Dimensions 1200mm x 54mm x 23mm

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