LED Grow Lights - 5050 LED Striplight 4:1 Ratio

LED Grow Lights - 5050 LED Striplight 4:1 Ratio

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Please note that this price is for an entire 5M Roll!

Their flexibility and 3M backing make them very useful and very easy to install.

You will require a 12Vdc LED Power Supply to run the LED Strip Light.

A full-cycle grow light will provide your plants with the blue and red spectrum wavelengths that are needed for optimal growth. Blue light mimics the long day, summer sun and encourages vegetative leaf growth. Red light takes the place of the short day, autumn sun. When combined with blue light, a hormone cascade is created and the red wavelengths begin to encourage flowering.

Class of Protection Class III
Length 5 Meters
Voltage 12Vdc
Wattage 72 Watts / 5 Meters
Waterproof Yes
Ratio 4 Red to 1 Blue
Blue 450 - 470nm
Red 650 - 660nm
Cut marks 5cm (Use 5050 strip joiners and accessories)
Please note that strip lights are NOT recommended to be stuck on wood as wood is porous and the sticky backing does not last long. In addition, wood is a poor conductor of heat causing the strips to overheat and fail. It's recommended to be stuck onto an aluminium backing or channel.

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