LED Bikkel Dimmer Module 100W

LED Bikkel Dimmer Module 100W

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Tuning the Bikkel is easy. It does all the work for you. The autotuning in the software automatically adapts to the connected load. The minimum light level can be set in steps of 6%.


The Bikkel is easily installed behind the existing light switch. This way you can transform your traditional On/Off light switch into a smart LED-dimmer with ease. It is possible to install the Bikkel in series to the light, but also separately to the potential free switch.

This means that the transition to dimmable lighting does not require changing the switch anymore. Just switch the light on and then flick it off/on when the light is at the desired brightness and it will stay there

220Vac 100W Push-button dimmer module. Designed for flicker-free dimming of most GU10 LED Lights
Can operate up to 19 x 5W Dimmable LED Down Lights
Please note that this is the dimming module only. It will need to be installed by a qualified electrician onto your existing push-button dimmer switch.
Dimensions 30 x 26 x 13mm
Compatibility LED
Lumen control 0-100%
Minimum load 1W
No neutral wire required

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