All Refunds ,Replacements ,Repairs & Warranties are carried by the manufacturer of each items and will be processed according to their policies and procedures. If incorrect items are received you are liable for full payment thereof if this isn't reported to AZD within 3 days of receiving the products. Refund requests need to be made in writing VIA mail to no later than 7 days of receiving the product you wish refunded. All refund requested products need to be closed and sealed as received in original packaging. Handling  fee's will be calculated according to supplier policy.

They are not carried as lability by AZ Distributors. 

All Sales are on a cash on order basis and thus only on receipt of payment deemed to be a successful transaction, All products remain the property of the manufacturer until "successful" transaction status is achieved.

No products will be shipped for delivery prior to payment having been verified by AZD.

All complaints and concerns and requests/Returns need to be communicated with AZ Distributors in writing via e-mail to for action to be taken and processed.

AZD may require video and/or photos and COC of installations on any return request or warranty claims. The above mentioned carries a return to AZD policy in which items can not be collected by AZD for these processes.

Whatsapp requests may be used to notify AZD of any complaints and concerns and requests/Returns but will only be lodged with manufacturer once an official mail with details and required attachment's are received.

All prices are quoted @ current exchange rates and thus may be updated without prior notice. The pricing to industry is at the discretion of AZD.

For more clarity or info please contact