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ON-Grid Output:

Rated output power: 15000W.

Max output power: 16500VA.

Max output current: 3*25A.

Output voltage: 230/400V; (184-275V) [According to local standard].

Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz.

Output power factor: 0.8leading- 0.8laging.

THDi@ full load: <3%.

Grid type: 3/N/PE.

4 MPPT input, more flexible configuration.
Diversified work patterns and rapid gains.
Full digital control, higher control accuracy.
APF mode, improved grid power quality.
Multiple parallel systems, more flexible system solutions.
Battery Parameters.
Battery Type Lithium-Ion.
Battery voltage range 200V-750V.
Rated Charge/Discharge current 25A.
Charging strategy Follow BMS.
Rated Charge/Discharge power 15000W.
Max Charge/Discharge Power 18750W<10min 22500W<1min.
DC Connector/Quality MC PV Connector/2.
PV Input
Recommended Max. PV input power 19950W.
Max input voltage 1000V.
Start-up Voltage 180V.
MPPT operating voltage range 160V-960V.
Rated voltage 600V.
Full power MPPT voltage range 500V-850V.
Max. Input current 25A/25A.
Max short-circuit current 32.5A/32.5A.
MPPT Number/ String number of each MPPT 2/2+2.
Off-Grid Output
Rate output voltage 230V/400V (+-10%).
THDv@ full load 3%.
Rated output current 3*21.8A.
Max output current 3*33A<1min.
Output frequency 50/60HZ.
Rated output power 15000W.
Parallel connection Yes.
Single-phase output Yes.
AC terminal 5P Terminal Block.
ON-Grid Output
Rated output power 15000W.
Max output power 16500VA.
Max output current 3*25A.
Output voltage 230/400V; (184-275V) [According to local standard].
Output frequency 50Hz/60Hz.
Output power factor 0.8leading- 0.8laging.
THDi@ full load <3%.
Grid type 3/N/PE.

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